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Creative Services
Media Planning and Buying
Campaign Management and Monitoring
Concept Analysis


CMP takes an active role in growing your business. You benefit from our network of direct mail contacts, affiliates and agency expertise that will help you attract and retain customers. We assist our clients by providing them with strategic and management roles which include direct mail, third party acquisition, email marketing and the internet.


CMP assists our clients in ensuring that their product or services are being presented with the correct message. Each media channel requires different offers and creative formats. CMP will analyze and recommend changes to your current creative, or we will develop, print and deliver a new creative that will attract new business while increasing the lifetime value of your existing customers.


We start with the basic fundamentals of your products and services and zone in on your target audience. Who needs this product and why? How much will they pay for it? How do we clearly communicate this offer? How do we market this product or service through new media channels? The questions are endless and CMP is dedicated in helping you find these answers. We then present a thoroughly researched media plan which will lay out your profitability by projecting response based on continuations, retests and new tests.

We excel in negotiation, so we help you save money, not spend it. Since we have over 30 years of agency experience and knowledge, we know what to ask for and how to get it. Like any good marketer, we understand the power of the word “ Free” and are actively looking for “added value” opportunities for our clients.


Concept Media Partners works with media owners and will track your campaign from print to distribution. Our customized reporting system allows our clients to receive dozens of standard and detailed reports to help them manage their plan more effectively. Plus, CMP creates proprietary reports based on the individual partnership created with each client. We realize the plan is only the first step. Implementation and impeccable follow through are the keys to a successful media plan especially in a multichannel approach. CMP knows the necessary steps to take which will help your company remain proactive instead of reactive.


At CMP we help our clients process a body of their own marketing ideas while offering a new way of thinking. We like to roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running to help our clients filter through all of their ideas and possibilities. Our Concept Analysis service puts us in the conference room with you to help your company focus and streamline the media buying process. This not only produces campaigns with positive a return on investment, but your company benefits from a dedicated CMP staff that will provide attention to every detail of your campaign.

Please contact Concept Media Partners to see how our playbook of strategies and ideas will help your company prosper.