With over 30 years experience in successfully building insert media, we understand that you just can’t take what is working in the mail and expect it to work in insert media.

"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability."


Our Leadership

Karen Capalbo President
Karen has over 23 years of experience in the direct marketing industry specializing in insert media brokerage. She also has assisted her clients in launching successful print campaigns along with list brokerage and insert management services. Karen thrives on creating partnerships among her client base and actively prospects new business opportunities which allows her clients to offer additional products or services to their core business and customer base. Her career has been built on creditability, integrity and achievement for her clients.
Margie Gornnert Vice President
Margie brings over 10 years experience in the Direct Marketing Industry as both a list and insert broker and as a list manager. As a list and insert broker, Margie was responsible for accounts that included catalogers, non profit mailers and professional organizations. She has also been involved in new business growth and the development of media strategies, as well as planning and implementation.As a list manager, Margie was responsible for the day to day activities and promotion of 80 non-profit files . She has represented some of the top users of insert media and lists in the industry.

Insert Media

Here are some of the key elements we implement when building insert media into a viable channel:

Offer Development

Price point, product selection, use of premiums, call to action, web integration, incentives and discounts all need to be considered. 

Test Across Media Types

Your test strategy should include multiple forms of media.  At CMP we help you develop a format that you can be use in package inserts, statements, ride alongs and blow-ins.

Know the Math

CMP will show clients outlined media costs and response projections. We will then assess if the required response rates are achievable and response needed to hit your allowable metric.

Program Selection

We research based on demographics, media rate, competitive usage and large rollout potential. At CMP we know the right programs that yield the most multi buyers and which ones work best for lead generation.

Media Negotiation

With many forms of Insert Media your media cost may approach 50%-60% of your total cost.  Reducing media costs has a very real and dramatic impact onprogram level performance. 

Questions or Comments?

Concept Media Partners Incorporated is ready to help you and your business with all media buying services including list brokerage, insert brokerage, email marketing and print.